Divi's Laboratories Ltd. (DIVI)

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DIVI Comments

Target for 3500
next target 3000
next target 1800
sale how much you can.put til last day of expiry.sure shot
buy divis target 3600
3200 target hai abhi bhi only manipulate kar raha hai 1 month se
Results should be really bad for Divis Lab looks like with 3200 Target & 200 DMA is around 3246 which havent broken from quite time.
down day by day to meet target 3200
Divis Target 3200 this expiry
how much sure you are ?
3200 sir
Expiry of August around 3900
sure sir
Divi Labs 4200 very
dnt think so ...it might touch 3000
divis lab target June 4100
divis lab target by March expiry 2022
It can go for 4000-4100 in coming days.
high resistance and strong profit booking zone at 4400, moreover US has sanctioned some audits on health sector so going to be bearish soon.
ROCKET 🚀 GOD BLESS...... TARGET 5800/6200/6500/7500/8500 SPLIT..........& INFINITY
Buy this level target 6000 January
buy divi target 4800 sl 4500
buy divi target 4800 sl 4500
barbad kar deya bhekhari sivislab
Any prediction about this share in December
this is the very good stock u can buy at 4588 last change to accumulated this share n hold
Any prediction about this share in December
soon 6200
1st 5500 to break hone do...
no this will be below 4500 on Monday... a new drug better than molnipiravir now with pfizer... so the drug undertrial with divis is no more required