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200 fair price
SentinelOne, S, is in a major squeeze.
ran up too much. hoping to get back in at $130
Congrats to those who bought the dip after ER. Same pattern seen in PATH and SNOW.
Great earnings and good price, this company has a bright future!
Great earning and good price, this company has a bright future!
Looks like the call didn't do anything to turn the tide last night
Lol. Sike. Momentum is strong. Was just a short options play that need to be closed.
Sold too early at 133. Made nice profit, but missed out on the climax. I have learned to take profits in this market. If this profit taking knocks this down under $140, then I will jump back in. Have my eye on Snowflake as well.
Well, its under $140
Will buy leap call in the am if we see sub 140
CRWD $149.61 +0.27% @ Close!
time for a put this will go down
Bought a leap call $100strike JAN2025. Paid 40.35. Current share price 117.25.
Sold at 133. $53.35.
Perfect constellation for shorting: upper trend line, 2 fibs, false break, spike, older pendence touch. it's going back to 115 at least
buy. buy. you were warned.
sleeping monster ...
For me still to expensive.for a 24.52B M.Cap.
for me too.Arround 50$ its fair valued.
growth stock,good entry point.
i have bought
Short PANW. No way this thing can hold that valuation given what has happened to Crowd and its explained macroeconomic headwinds!!! PANW will be 135 shortly since it should have the same headwinds. Unbelievable how these are a tail of two extremes in the same space yet Crowd is decisively better.
Buy the dip, or wait? Cheers.
One would think this would go thesame way Palo Alto Networks (PANW) did after weaker earnings just two weeks ago. So crowds guidance is a bit cloudy then so is PANW’s since they are in the same space. Crowd is far superior. Shows one how fearful the investment community is at this point because Crowd should be where PANW is $170 and PANW at $111. All I can say is short PANW. Terrible knee jerk reaction on Crowd !!
Great buying opportunity tomorrow am.
sold 105 puts when price 40% away for 10% premium. They might fill. DANGEROUS market. Need to think wide bumpers at all times.
this is a joke, should not even buy
yes, why ? Crowdstrike is a very good product and leader with Microsoft on EDR solution. Analysts predicts it will go to med 235 . See
Buy @137.00
this stock hasn't been down that low in 2 years. there has got to be a technical level btw 137 and current price where it is worth dipping your toe in. no?