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When do they release financials?
It'll be released today after the market close...
He’s greedy corporation is whining about that they don’t make enough money. Their profits are $52 billion and then they wonder why their members aren’t buying any items because they’re too damn expensive and you’re too worried about stupid profits rather than appeasing. The customers total corporate greed.
shows how little you know about costco
too sexpensive
can never be enough sexpensive
Costco is nothing like Walmart. Different animal. Sam's Club is Walmart.
should be trading around 280-320 per numbers. sell for the profit and get out while you can
Well deserved jump this morning.
look at the 13 eps and 35 p/E is lower than Walmart. probably still a buy given that and the company's reputation all around.
you would think this store would be the go to spot to save money but they still missed on earnings. Supposedly, they are lacking buyers of non-essential junk like electronics and furniture.
Bought a Fridge from Costco a few days ago. Great price, extra surprise $300 off, free delivery and installation, and haul away. Hard to find a better deal.
what hater gives a thumbs down to this post. only a shorty or someone who hates America
Drop today makes Costco a buy.
Costco management is excellent.
Have you seen the Costco parking lots? Nothing has changed. Business as usual or better.
Yeah we are always slammed here at Costco in Katy
my costco puts from Wednesday are printing big
did you make the put from the charting signals?
tea leaves
420 coming soon
Buying opportunity soon. Actually in many areas.
420 coming soon🔻🔻🔻
$72B revenue 👌🏻
I know there is massive inflation but the forecast of 71.64b is too high.  What am I missing?  Is there some special sale that I am not aware of?  Is this because European stores saw massive growth?  I think 69b is more likely.  The last time they missed an Aug revenue forecast was when Obama was in office.  I think they will beat their EPS even though many retailers aren't doing well.
Below $500...Buy!!!
yes. 494 got it
Great interview to the CEO in Mad Money
$550 is probably realistic in 5he next 6 months.
get in where you fit in!!!
get in where you fit in!!!
Already hit the bottom in May, taking off from here