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pls brake the resistance...
one moment please
Who were those people who were selling it below 10€ after q3 results?
may be the german goverment - I just presume - they have 15% of the shares - the biggest investor
Doulbe profit last q, and falls7%?
This will not remain in the DAX for too long...
-15% today
What happened to climb like that?
Q4 today
go baby go!
Ups! Like a falling knife.
Csaba Kiss what is your oppinion today?
do you have some updates on CBKG?
Bought it for 3,00 during covid :)
I bought it at now for 6,42....
20-25 eur?
I bought in 2020 @ 4.4 eur...
Wow, what happened?
German 10 year bond near 0%. High inflation, ECB rate hike expected etc. Maybe good Q4?
Up...up!?!..... crieți părerea despre Commerzbank AG ON
It rises like a helium balloon, resistance over 8 EUR, like keeping the sheep in the pose, based on the TA, traders could be shaken by the turns, I don't even mention the shorts.
Today, the TA picture is also nice for a week.
I wrote, he had to close the wick for the candle, and he didn’t put the chart in for something.
Today’s candle body if you close the shadow of yesterday’s candle then the bull dreams will come true.
Target price is reached from the flag, but if you reach the previous peak of 6.87 EUR, if you carry over, there may be a massive rise, pictured is the weekly Golden Cross.
Hello guys! The sky is blue, the grass is green, and Commerz has stepped out of the flag, don't forget to give it for € 6.8, reassure me that the short pants don't burn - :) XD
I waxed chart before.
This good.
Second Flag?
Target price reached up, now comes down, I think you have too - :) XD
Szépen megyeget. Lesz egy jó Q3 adat?
Once the target price is reached, if it goes further, it will be hesitant, the US reporting season with the big banks will start on Wednesday.