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what's going on apex my broker says Apex made mroe than 800% profit when I look at this graph on investing it says Apex down more than -28% even tho the price went from 082 to 5.20 what's going on can someone please explain it please?
Split. 1/10
 Yeah but why is there a split option? so the current price is 0.59 instead of 5.9 right man I really thought I made a huge profit ****...
will it EVER recover?
900% is enough for ya?
 I'm pretty sure it was a reverse split
this one made alot of people rich today
These sudden spikes look like pump and dump action more than actual turnarounds.
U saying thats a bad thing or good thing
Bank of America upgraded shares of Cherokee (NASDAQ:CHKE) from an ... Bank of America currently has $6.00 target price on the stock https://www.fairfieldcurrent.com/2018/08/04/cherokee-chke-upgraded-to-neutral-by-bank-of-america.html
A few months ago I was looking at this company. I thought the game was over for them. Why the sudden turn around? I mean good for them, I always liked their products