Borr Drilling Ltd (BORR)

  • Volume:
  • Bid/Ask:
  • Day's Range:
    37.06 - 41.31
  • Type:Equity
  • Market:Norway
  • ISIN:BMG1466R1732
  • S/N:10101010

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  • For the guy I was just talking to. Their finances are not just fine. They need the oil sector to make a recovery and the capital they need to survive is in an offering. Then to save compliance they will reverse split like a 1 for 10. this is the most practical solution for the Company. So just be aware. Sheesh. I am not trying to be your local bear here. I own this myself lol. Just don't get so upset about the facts bro. Set stopp loss triggers and be aware that they will with high likelyhood make an offering to get the money needed. Let's just hope it's not in the pre-market or after hours when everyone is stuck like it happens most of the time. Anyways, I'm off. Got to get to work. Great day today guys. Nice to meet some of you new guys too. later.
    • Lol. Anybody can understand that you are a shorter and trying to speculate. Just look to its P/E ratio before speculating. Most of the stock had some kind of V rebound but this stock has still a long way to go UP