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Boeing stock price has been strong lately probably in anticipation they will be granted an extension on the Dec 27 deadline to upgrade their cockpit safety system. This deadline was put in two years ago in response to the two crashes if you remember. The upgrades were required to fix the original problems that actually caused the two crashes. They've had two years to fix these, but they have run out of time. Typical Boeing mismanagement, always looking for a quick fix and low cost solution, anything for the shareholders. Well, Boeing is trying to cheat now, yes cheat by lobbying government for an extension. They may well succeed, they've spent $9 million in 2022 to bribe... err sorry lobby government for an extension. What will an extension allow them to do? Extend and pretend, kick the can down the road, get away with an easy solution, yes get away with something they were supposed to fix that other manufacturers have already done. And what about the 346 people that died in the crashes? Boeing doesn't give a damn about them, they know people have short memories. Well, a reckoning is coming for this company. Karma demands it. 346 souls are screaming for it. Even if they get the extension BA price will fall on the news. Buy the rumor, sell the news. DOW is doomed over the next 6 months regardless, the overall market will take BA down with it. BA in the 180s is a gift from the investing Gods, you better take it now while you still can.
I totally agree it's a plane wreck of a company.
BA in the 180s is a gift from the investing Gods. Next year 180s will be but a dream. I stand by my statement before. You will never see BA close above 190 in your lifetime ever again. 180s are a gift sent from heaven. However, most longs are too greedy to take it. That is most unfortunate, for God giveth and he taketh away. You will witness the wrath of the investing Gods soon enough 1H 2023.
No time to wait. Since the fed is over BA will hit 229 next month..
orders are piling in
Such great earnings!
BA hitting 190 was a gift from heaven, these levels will not be seen again for years to come. This marks the top of this bear market rally from Sept 1. People already forgot about 737 max and how years of mismanagement got us here. Those problems are still there and will not go away. This bloated pig of a company will fall back to earth in 2023, and you will not see these prices ever again, just like you will never see BA $400+ from 2019. The high debt levels and EBITDA losses will continue to plague this company and bring down the share price. Current stock prices are reflecting fantasy land, where investors believe things will return to normal. Nothing could be further from the truth. The problems that took this company from 400+ to 89 have not gone away. Longs can't handle the truth but you will soon find out in 2023 haha.
a sort of mantra...
actually the truth. BA will never hit 190 again I am certain of that. The lemmings are about to jump off the cliff together. BA in the 180s is still a gift from God, better take it while you still can. Have you taken note that BA has lost the Chinese market? That travel is heading back down again after the brief covid recovery due to consumers tapped out, high inflation, etc? That the EU is trying to destroy the travel industry through their net zero policies? That Airbus is eating BA's lunch? That the future prospects of this company are actually pretty bleak? Well, get your head out of the sand and see the reality. BA will trade under 100 again, we will see that in 2023. You will never see BA trade again near 190, ever.
Hmmm, well this didn't age well Fred 😂
BA is a good proxy for where the stock market is at any given moment. BA at 186 makes no sense whatsover. Currently stocks are way overvalued and heading for a fall. The current narrative is that inflation is going down, Fed will pivot and start lowering interest rates next year. Did you see the spin Yellen spewed out to the press the other day? U.S. inflation will be much lower by end of 2023, Yellen says. Oh really? And can pigs fly outta my a? She also said the labor market will be healthy. Come back the end of next year inflation will be raging again (of course she will say an unexpected shock happened) and unemployment will be much much higher. It's all spin and deception, lies and deceit. I'm pretty sick of the crap. Buy silver for 2023, that's all I can say. And watch BA go back to the gutter where it belongs. 2023 is when they lose control of the narrative.
It was at 400 not so long ago.
It was 300 a year after they baned the plane
Lol... I work at Boeing and I would not touch Boeing with a 10 foot pole right now
Hi,What is the target price can I expect for this Boeing?
this overvalued bloated dinosaur of a company will fall back to earth in 2023. it has no business trading up here, look for a drop to take out the lows in 2023, price target 100-110 for 2023
Walking slowly towards 190 💪🏽
we are losing 14 a share no dividends why do they keep trading so high should be 20 bucks a share or less
Looks like over $200 in few werks
Im surprised how this pos is this high
Up based on nothing.
Cheap price --> no one sell --> Up
Well, maybe 150 shorts have a chance to get out whitout a loss... Or maybe not haha
China creates first Kerosene powered jet engine. Jets of the future will be from China. Boeing going 👇.
uhm BA doesn't make the engines.
Kerosene is HIGHLY POLLUTING. The alternative would be green HYDROGEN.
Walking to 180...
It's like it knows :))
Great earnings and PE!
Lmao what great earnings? Theyve been missing estimates on both eps and revenue. With backed up orders and unfullfilled purchases. This company cant be worth more than 50B. You said great pe? Its -16 pe what are you talking about?
Time to strong sell BA, they never come back this price!
You really dont know this is one of the American companies that is too big to fail. This company is not going away anytime soon.
Governent be like yiu are dreaming
Time to strong sell BA, they never come back this price!
This company should be dropping nothing makes sense from esrnings to valuation thumbs down stock
Buy Boeing , should cross 260 in 12 months.
super inflation, people wouldn't travel by airplane.
Inflation is only at 10% if you traver to other coutries where inflation is 50% your money is gold
This is not normal. Up 5% day after day. Lots of pro's caught themselves deep in the red and are doing a pump and dump. Boeing shares now trading higher than Apple shares. Or someone is trying to take a big stake in Boeing. Buffett? Musk
yall gonna be passed with another 4% tmrw
Lol…. Appl is worth 24x more then BA
Is call to big to fail The gov will never let ba fail
I think it's a really unique opportunity to short/sell this company now at 150
and how's that working out for you?
walt street pump and dump. just fishing for buyers that don't want to miss out on the uptp
and then they'll dump it again
yeah this is starting to look like a coordinated scheme.