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Lara tessandier
Do you think AIV is going to drop DIV this time?
um hello now the cdc ban on evictions is ove its going to be hand over fist. ypu can buy now for 6 or buy later for 11
Slowly but surely. Good job AIV
AIV is flying to the moon, waiting for $25
Few more days thats it.. AIV gonna go sky rocket .Yesterday they signed .. something big gonna happen .. 🤓
How and where do you look up balance sheet?
under Financials section
insider are selling for some reason
There were four separate acquisitions in February, which means big investors put up a lot of money to AIV to acquire a lot of shares... probably has something to do with the company splitting into two sperate companies, that's why they are late on filing the financial forms according to the FORM NT 10-K they just filed.
this ****stock didn't even pay dividend
They're late filing financials because of the company splitting into two separate companies.
I took a 10 k lose and left. Worst stock ever and waited long enough
Did you buy it February 2020?
No, when it plunged to rock bottom
 The dividends are really high for the low stock price. You probably should have at least waited for the next dividend. The price will likely shoot up right after, not to mention you would have that dividend back towards your initial investment. Either way, I hope you regain the money you lost, if not on AIV, maybe on something else.
It will be $15 wait for 2 months
Why do you say that
Earning will be positive
is worth to buy?
hard to tell. perhaps a big risk, but a big reward if they do well
I really hope AIV does well because their dividend pay can potentially make us investors wealthy
in future opendoor (OPEN) gonna take over this company
The company was seperated into two companies.what about the owners of this stock. Did they lose their money or they will own shares in the new companies?
they are a hollow company. don't waste time here till lockdown trust me this will come to 2
they to make room for tesla
Their balance sheet is not sound. They were delisted from the SP because of it.
Please stop making stuff up. Thank you.
good time buy .
I think it will depend if they will keep paying the same historical quarterly dividends. Anyone has an idea?
does anyone here understand that for a company to pay dividend it has to make money and not the other way around?
u believe that will climb up again ??
52wk high usd55..did thy do splitting ?
split company