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Apple slashes employees pay because company Revenues crash
130 bucks
y, only plebs buy their phones ( and mostly on credit)
Apple sucks i sold back apple device when iphone was giving cancer from radiation while using
weak sauce. won't take many sell orders to come in to tank it. buyers weak af
The season of selling off has began
passive investment from ETFs and mutual funds or pushing this stock higher Apple hasn't returned gains in almost a year.
Warren Buffoons baby closed the weekly gap but has a big one back up there on the monthly
puts on this turd. back to 160s
Buying sub $175s.
🍎🍏 will soon be history in China
Iphone 15 is the Titanic of Apple. Lol.
Green watch but child labor mined titanium for vanity sakes. That carbon agenda is a scam like the Plandemic.
When nobody wants to own a 3 trillion phone maker you need GS to come out with some news to help them sell to good ol’ retailers
An obvious "Bull Trap" set for the Apple! Don't fall into this trap!
Head and shoulders 1Y
One of the easier short opportunities ever ....right here
i give you credit for putting it out there, but.....
hii sir
TOWER NASDAQ -- - - - APPLE SP-XYZ asking for permission to land
you ginxed it hahaha
The same
test 2
I got in she will now tank to 150 I am the kiss of death
same here
does mean you are a tool
A software update should be made for Japans nuke water. Because app updates can fix anything. Update can block UV rays too. See how it performs in a microwave.
Apple will probably become arm's largest shareholder
Bag holders will for about 2 years
Bears have no money and shame, friends
Carbon agenda watches but child labor mining for titanium bling vanity. That alone is how hypocritical the carbon credit agenda is as crooked as the Plandemic was and still is.