Anglo American PLC (AAL)

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looks like liquidity flush out to us, anyone disagree ?
kilamonjaro formation, nice
Divergence indicating possible upward price movement
BB Liquidity is low it may be better to pull out
More liquidity expected today
Volumes are down all over the world…you know what that means?
Sorry. I was wrong. I'm really talking about the ticker AAL = Anglo American.
Good afternoon! Have you read the Mor n i n g St ar quote about HBI ?  Have you seen any target price (including average target prices) ?  Cyclical sectors buys are probably coming . . . again and again (reflaction)
2960 and above proves the fact bullish sentiments business development phase on going forward growth profile financial development based management solutions data earnings dividend yield capital ultimately
big sell
it should be, but maybe after FED?
when you think big sell?
Maybe now will come lower?
What could make this stock loose its momentum and go back down again? Other then US/China trade war that is..
Dawie, AAL had a huge breakout 7 Jan above GBP 17.60 ... Target GBP 21 over next 3 months ... 25% upside ... the last 10 trading sessions AAL has been consolidating above GBP 17.60. Also v good results to be reported in next 3 weeks which will be added catalyst. FED and China also less of a headwind already it seems. AAL also cheap.
the price for this stock is to good to be true, we are in an age where mining is vital! technology needs resources! I feel these companies will gain significant value very soon.