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told u ... its over
Que porqueria!!!
Not quite!!
.0002 says it all .... 🥳
Guys!! Full speed ahead with the integration of (Cross-border) payments and the adaptation of CBDCs. Think “Market Dominance”, and “leveraging your value”.If it’s the future, it’s DECENTRALIZED STORAGE”…Fil free to respond’
game ... over ...
welcome to the trips
so that's it, soon they are out of business?
who knows... total disappointment
game over soon
what happened to that 2 wheeler?
Hope these guys strike a partnership with “Ripple” “Stellar”, or “Algorand”….it’ll be a remarkable look considering cross-border payment and liquidity.
the h word not good for investing
No earnings report??? Kind of dicey…😳
Can't seem to find this companies niche, their operations kind of sway from their business model.
These guyd are paralyzed!!
These guys need a serious uptick to at least .12
not happening going into the trips 🌈
Wow!!!!!! 🕛🕧🕘🕒 Seems like the biological clock stopped tocking on these guys
⚠️⚠️⚠️ s c a m alert
Whats the latest update with this guys??
they have no product.. no production and no deals ...
Say it aint so…I’m afraid you might be right’😔
don't bet the house on this one guys
📣 BREAKING NEWS UPDATE:Could Elon be knock on Alternet Systems door soon? Click link below for more:
old desperate news bro lmfao
is this going into the trips?
📣NEWS UPDATE!!WaterPure to support Alternet Systems' expansion into Latin AmericaApr. 06, 2022 9:01 AM ETWaterPure International, Inc. (WPUR)ALYIBy: Jessica Kuruthukulangara, SA News EditorWaterPure International (OTCPK:WPUR) said Wednesday it is working with Alternet Systems (OTCPK:ALYI) to support ALYI's expansion into Latin America and beyond.WPUR is working with ALYI to launch an off-grid, clean electric energy production, storage and electric vehicle charging solution. That initiative will expand into Latin America.The off-grid technology has been built in a lab and will now be scaled into a pilot in advance of a larger rollout.ALYI recently said it was replicating its African electric motorcycle model in Latin America, starting in Brazil.
your desperate bro .. I get it .. they are not even operating in any of their previous mentions.. this is 🗑
📣Why are theae guys still tanking....This is disastrous!!🤯
say your prayers 🙏
Somebody through in the white towel...this stock is ***my Profolio.😫
sorry for your loss but over $500 in this is insane from the beginning...
$FUV is a pump lol .. but with real transportation.. I like $FSR long term