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NIM converging from 3.4 to 4% next year. great quality.
they sold more cars that they wanted too (based on what they said at the last earnings call). check the latest numbers for cars sold out. They should put out stronger.numbers than expected (relative to expectations).
if that's the case, they will also announce a dividend increase.
Trading idea - Entry point has to be over 26.5/61.80%
bought more shares
bought more shares today
Fed will allow this one to collapse. The Fed is actually trying to get most of the banks to collapse. Once the consolidation is complete, CBDC is your future.
you have no clue, do you? go back to drinking coffee
i'd say your the one sitting with blinders on.
what is going wrong? this is the only bank i am watching is red........
 excellent buying opportunity
bought again
The fed is taking over the banking system in the US to roll out CBDC's. This one isn't on the list.
entered with many shares today...overeaction. 4.65% yields
100 basis points discount from 5 year treasuries
strong support at around 29.7
creating a base around 33-35 range going forward
this POS will lose 50% value during following year
pure value
This company is sitting on a default time-bom b
buybacks retired 8 million shares alone in the last month
morgan stanly and goldman sachs are buying little iincremental buys.
bought more today.
chart looks beautiful 🤣
Ally has the largest exposure to car loans first thing we give back before the house ! good luck to the bulls !
buying some shares
10% of market cap left for buybacks (2 billion this year, and probably continuing next year). good dividend and super cheap.
Not cheap enough
No bottom here, SELL NOW
Wow, Is this the bottom?
Undervalued should be worth 6
Based on what?
Great stock with long run up to go
mmmmm... eating up those shorts
So this is the same company... same size as before covid, just making 37% less money. Trading at a 50% premium... Looks a bit expensive to me. Will look for weakness to enter a short position.
back above $53 today. 🤑🚀💎🙌
almost $56 today. hope you covered
Come get it then... I was right all the way ;-)