Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp (AQN)

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7 CAD start buyback
6 C is on the way lol
bubble start burstin since its most overpriced thing of the planet….
Everyone’s buying the bubble better to be careful with huge rates hikes lol
Everyone’s lookin scared to buy peak of deadcat jump lol
not sure to buyback 9.33 or much lower lol
what are we even pricing ? again the dividend thing ? 🙄
did they stop the dividend on aqn?
cut dividend so highly overpriced right now….
when did they cut the dividend again 🤔?
just bought half size 8,94 since with bullish stock markets lookin under estimated now
AQN debt level seems to be very high so better wait to buy until rate hikes will calm down (hopefully mid-late 2023)
last chance tomorrow
sure, big crash just starting on stock market lol
Someone just pressed buy button better jump in lol
false start unfortunately bad perspectives due to crazy rate hikes incoming next year
8.60 will start buying this power stock lol
Easy buy, thanks for the cheapies.
Better wait to celebrate lol
Even if they cut on dividend and it hits 15$ I will be happy. If it goes down to 5$ the dividend will be higher.
always been scared of bubbles better to put money elsewhere for now lol
why the stock go down?
Spring 2020 value was down not now lol
8.25 could be a great buy lol (first size not all better to be cautious to catch falling knife)
Bubble start burstin never been so easy lol
better wait below 10 to start buyin back lol
Still one of the most overpriced thing of the planet lol
AQN is under pressure. Financials have suffered. Debt interest not well covered by earnings, nor dividend. Careful here. But is this a good price for entry and turn around?
going back to 17.50 in one week
check out SOLR major potential. IMO.
Very boring
Rule Number 1: Dont lose money.
I’m holding NPI, I’m 5% down, purchased at a bad moment. Don’t know if to ride it or sell and get AQN/FTS, what do you think?
which should be preferred ? This or Power Financial PWF
AQN is better, do a chart compare to see...AQN has been a better performer on the 1 year, 5 year and 10 year+.
This stock is perfect for a long-term investment! BULL
I feel it has the potential to be a duke energy kinda stock
More like a NextEra (NEE) energy kind of stock, but with a better dividend. :)