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160 in before the end of 23.
A safe tavern too
Biden's priority is to get more oil into the market.
Market Mìracle advisor has published a BUY signal with target 159.58
with their position on green hydrogen it is a buy
Not yet! In the range between 133-129 is better (y)
AL is not a speculative stock, it is a safe bay for very cautions investors. It is an excellent investment but will not give sudden growth or loss. A safe haven
Just abandon this european trash, that will teach them, not growing as american dreams
gosh. this is so flat. so much value in this stock. but people are so much focus into growth !
Cmon bb, 140 after earnings
I predict a bubble is coming this year for hydrogen business assets
Do you have any idea about how I can know the trading price for hydrogen/kg ?
it's going down
im calling timber
We continue long to 125.1€.
Downtrend triangle at 86-88, Buy for longterm wait for down.