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UBS Foresees AIA 1Q VoNB to Sink 18% YoY, Rating Buy
Gic -5.05 xxx.xx
C Suisse Cuts AIA TP to $102, Rated Outperform
JPM Hikes AIA TP to $100, Rated Overweight
CLSA Trims AIA TP to $103, Rated Buy
UBS Chops AIA TP to $110, Rated Buy
Nomura Drops AIA TP to $92.78; Rated Neutral
C Suisse Cuts AIA TP to $116, Foresees 9M21 VNB at US$2.567B
What is going on with AIA? Any views or comments from anyone on future of this stock?
HSBC Global Research Hikes AIA TP to $96; Rated Hold
AIA Spurts 3% on Interim Result Beat, DPS Hike
CICC Sees AIA's CN Agency, Product, Service Edges; Keeps TP at $120
They build the risk into their underwriting, and if necessary use reinsurers where there is higher risk to spread the load. Covid would have little impact - there was more from lower sales during the period.
Daiwa Lifts AIA TP to $132, Rated *Buy*
Daiwa Hikes AIA TP to $128; Rated *Buy*
Nomura Trims AIA  TP to $93.41; Rated ***Neutral***
Nomura Lifts AIA TP to $94.17; Rated ***Neutral***
Citi Raises AIA TP to $116, Kept ***Buy***
HSBC Research: AIA  Shr Prices In 2021 VoNB Resilience, Restated ***Hold***
Ever wonder how much AIA need to pay for the corona virus Death ? #life insurance.
just small amount compare to Premium they got
Insurance companies have mastered ways of not paying. Its probably in their terms somewhere.
12082016 AIA -1.88% remains the consensus short following the Nov Unionpay numbers showing a sharp deceleration in purchasing of HK insurance by mainland people.
So true