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Only way is up after this long conso. Buy and hold. To the moon 🚀
it will go down min 40% after the hungarian deal...
Bought a put for after earnings. 3.4 break-even. Don't like the numbers either.
is it worth to buy some now wil it go up
 do you think it will go up more ? and if yes why ? please ?
I wonder why this stock is so cheap. The price target is 75% above current price.
Eeew what an ugly char. It makes zig/zag movements. Only bots are trading this stock.
bots and I'm trading Aegon😀
any thoughts why?
almost no dividends this year and bad H2 results.
-15% in one day lel
mmmm, i my current average purchase price is 3.7, but now I would like to increase. you say it's early or is it crazy?
Do somebody knows that where is the button??
Bought 1000 3.72 (18-02-20)
Undisciplined bad buy. Price currently 3,40. Trend still down.
OOF bro je had echt pech
Buy moment now! In a few year stockprice around 7-8 euro’s.
13-02-20 Daytrade 1000 3,74>3,84 Outlook from neg. to pos. to neg in 3 days. Today -3%. Await more clarity on Corona virus. New CEO on 15 May 2020. (Lars Friese will be employed at Aegon on 01-03-2020)
Today again -3%. No clue except Fed rates decision lateron, which might affect indices negatively. Aegon depend on investments. Next week gives more clarity.
Nose dive on Q2 report. 3.72 > 3.45. Stock Loss in 2 weeks approx 20%. Still no position. Outlook negative.
Nose dive due to trade threat. no exposure, only alert. Maybe 3,95
Sold 4.50 on gap-up.
Imho still on track. TP 4,93-5,27
Nose dive due to interest decisions US & EU.
TP 4,94
GC MA100-MA200 on the hourly.