Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD)

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90.270 / 90.600

AMD Comments

Its not to late to short AMD. It might bounce up a bit but shorting at $97 is still a bargain. Cover at 60.
Ur brain got problem. Already so low. It just touch strong support ! Very hard to drop further
Hey bagholder stop wheeping and crying , the whole market is dead. High rates , bonds yields surging , recession coming ,, stop acting like a child convincing himself with virtual reality ,,, BAGHOLDER
After touch the strong support, AMD will start go rise on Monday !
Strong buy its 200ma support
Might drop down to $94, but should go up from there.
Lisa wake up..
Its jerome powell who gave the whole market big sleeping pill. LoL
next leg down incoming
and thank you Mr market 🤑 down down down. about to cash out on puts
The season of selling off has began
The bust of the NVDIA bubble will drag AMD with it... will go back to the lows of this year. 75'ish
When it was above 117 I said AMD was going to 60. You all called me names gave me thumbs down. Their earings released showed they lost money on operations. If you have been on the NYSE for 44 years and you don't make money, that is just sad. I would understand if it was a bad quarter, but they are acting like things are great. AMD products are good, I have been a fan boy for years, but they don't make money. The only time they made money was when crypto caused a shortage of graphics cards, followed by covid spending.
finally shorts time
ouch.. bulls are hurting. thanks for an early payday
Tech is so oversold
poo poo on a stick. easy short
AMD will slide under $98 soon enough. The selling is near but the dumping trigger has yet to slam the bid. AMD could be a buy in the low $90s.
Why u mad , are u a bagholder 😂😂?
of course not. I don’t get mad at kids 😉
you will get mad when this is the 60s
Indeed great buying opportunity
how long to go up ?
you are insande. Wait for 60. Unless you are day trading this is still too much money for a company who doesn't lead the industry, who isn't growing, who isn't transition, who doesn't make money, who doesn't pay a dividend. there are much better industries.
Haha, i mentioned it is best buying opportunity! Someone Still Not listen to me !
Haha good job John
All in AMD !
I assume you were joking. wait for $60
Very strong support around 100, dont miss the best buying opportunity !
in one year less than 60. recession hits soon
You are outdated man sales are skyrocketing just listen to Lisa.
Wall Street began unloading AMD. It's a SELL. Stock downgraded into 2024. Dump it.
when cathie wood starts buying its always a good indicatot to sell :DDD
Cathie wood doesnt like good businesses
100% it will have new leg +130 soon again, this trend doesnt lie
if you are long you might want to close your position next up tick. Good luck. BTW Warrent buffet sold all his Taiwan stocks including TSMC.
super old news
Pretty weird that this is punished so hardly, ai chip run over? Nvidia dropping too
Its almost like they all rely on Taiwan to make the items with high margins that drive earnings. I wonder whats going on with Taiwan that might hinder production.
Worker strike in the States. However, TSMc's building new plants in Taiwan, so the future production won't be a problem.
See you at 89
Red this week
Strong support at 103.80 ! Once break, will go to around 100 !