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Should i buy it now ?
yes but hold it till it reaches 300 to get the most out of it
Near a 5y low... what's happening??
Kiev factory close.
one of biggest market for adidas is Russia
Russia represents less than 3% of total Adidas Net Sales
Patiently wait till the price comes down to 200(buy at this level) and Patiently wait till the price reaches 300. Do not think twice when price reaches 300(Just take your money and run).
today is at 187
Today is at 172 and no stop from the drop
on absolute knives edge here again holding this 240/241 level
172€ on the way … patiance
Now reached. What's the next target?
How to trade adidas
Read my comment and do exactly the same. you will thank me later.
how do I trade here teach me
E' il caso di entrare a 276....? Momento giusto? Cosa pensate!!
long at 260 Gentlemen
Obvious manipulation. Time to teach these crooks a good lesson
It is so funny to watch comments below saying that the stock will drop and so on, and look at it now...
Don't be fooled by these short selling crooks
what do people think about 295-300 ??
 OWNED hahaahh
oh wow you were right, now what ?
divided will be paid only one time per year or more? and can it come back to 270 or not?
yeah it will, see the LVMH like example. It went up almost 40 bucks before dividend. cauz Our stock relate to Dax30, ( it went down) so it effect to our stocks, but it will go up after earning. go to seeking alpha to see the analysists
to bad
why it keep going down do u know?
 0938.551.161 hãy liên lạc cho tôi qua zalo, tôi sẽ cho bạn biết
278 lolo
270 nextweek
it went down alot. But thiss earning will be great compare to Q1-2020 when the stores closed... the street target is 290 Eur. What do u think?
why this one always go down before earning?? can anyone explain to me? always drops AFTER earning...see its chart
how far it can drop cauz China bad news?
Possible retrait from China Market, and increasing cost of productions.
Why is falling down?Some news or only take profit ?Any thougs?
I guess it is because Chinese start to boycott BCI related brands since yesterday
 do you think it will go down more than this?
 yes , i think this is th e reason.Aslso the indices are red , but is cumulative.
Apparel perhaps a new revenue for its assets turnover turning point soon bullish sentiments
What do you think about results?
283 above this marginally Telefunken visionsum goods yield