Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure PLC (AY)

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    27.95 - 41.32
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  • Hey everyone. Have a question about withholding tax. How much % do you get withheld by your brokers on AY dividend ? I just noticed that mine get 30% off - I thoughts AY is UK based company hence 0% would be taken, but my broker claims it is traded at nasdaq hence they took 30%. You guys got the same tax%?
    • AY is Nasdaq... some stocks is traded on more than one.. B2Gold is traded on New York and Toronto stock exchange just to name one... SNAP is anothet one traded in two different places as Euro and Dollars ... Always pay attention and real where and how different countries is taxing stocks...👍
    • Doesn't really make a difference if the bank withholds it or you send it to the government does it? it's easier if they take care of it?
  • My best buy from mid-2020! 😁and i will keep holding!
    • where can I find the risk free rate of return of a project