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Probably as high as it gets, touched recent support today
Apparently should have held and not sold
when is the announcement for the date of dividend?
getting paid I think December 12
US manufacturing construction rises...China as factory of the world is now challenged...what it means to manufacturing companies such as 3M?
Fed won’t cut rates, loan costs are high, earnings won’t be good. Don’t buy or invest
earnings what?
buy this now before is too late
its time.... big up come
dividend -227 payout ratio you saying something
nekst week
this the week 95-97$
they are picking up shares.... anyone who can stand it. book value per s is 14.14 the sp is a bubble bursting and falling slowly
I don't know what is happening with 3M, but I am a marine engineer, and any vessel where I was working was and is using 3M safety equipment and I really don't know any alternatives with such a good quality... I think 3M will be with for a loong time, the question is, where is the bottom??
Have you seen Solar, Wind or Battery shares like SolarEdge or Freyer Battery etc? They are all destroyed.
Ive working in the automotive industry for the last 25yrs and 3M has always been a must and always seen as te best quality. I dont think the company itself is doing bad. I think its just being pulled down along with the economy. Its at support now $90. Considering buying more. Just waiting to see how it reacts at this level.
this company is a musta and is the top supplier chain for health and medic field. Its just a pull back.
Seems like this cannot find bottom... Returning to 3M after a loong time
I am waiting, winter is coming. Time to buy and buy, please santa make it lower 🙂🙃
bad news announced by the company...! the stock will go up... what's done it's Discounted... now only up.....
yeah 100% agree this is good time to buy more.
10 years later if 3m still $100 I will be up 50-60 percent with only dividends that's sweet 🚀😜
Thats if the dividend stays put…they may need to lower it soon
then I buy more average down that's how I make money. Even if they lower dividends it will jump more.This company make billions. look Intel they lowered dividends it's up more than 50 percent since they lowered dividends.
that has a lot more to do with chip shortages and the stock timing. Liabilities are an issue with 3M and any sign of dividend cuts will drop this way made than any dividend payout.
back to 100$
I want to say thanks whoever sold me under $100 I really appreciated sellers under $95🤑🤣🚀🚀. Still way undervalued and good dividends.
La empresa gana minimo 12 dolares por año;120 dolares target
Downtrend not broken. Bottom could be around 80. Might DCA down with a long term view, but shorting it to 90 might be a better strategy right now
Broken now
what is the new technology input into general motors for and the other American car companies going to affect us in the near future with the new vehicle market and how are they going to make the newer model vehicles more family affordable and it's ever fast changing and growing market
I m glad bought again $93🤑🤑
Congrats, well done!
I've bought 100k USD at 92,38
they beat earnings they make billions profit and over 5 percent dividends p/e is not over 300 thanks whoever sells 🤑🤑
oh, this one good too?
when I bought meta $90 people were saying to yeah this one good too 🤑🤣🥳
3M big mistake. The earnings are good and then release some stupid lay off new at the same time. Complete self defeat
No earnings call without casulties. That is the norm for 3M for many many quarters.
Meta has no debt.
if 3m pays their debt with their profit they have no debt 4 years later . They make 4-6 billions every year. meta p/e 30 3m p/e 10. Also meta don't give dividends.
fair value would be over $150 plus getting dividends that's sweet 🤑🤑