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Strategic & Tactical Trading

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How to trade Gold, Oil and the USD using a hybrid of long and short-term trading techniques.  Common indicators will be used to identify trends and others will focus on the correct price action for trading your analysis.  Moving Averages, Oscillators, Fibonacci and Pivot Points will be discussed in this live webinar.

Wayne McDonell - Chief Market Strategist - TradersWay.com
Wayne McDonell has been a full-time trader since 2004. His focus is on macro-economics, central banking policy and technical analysis.  He is the author of best selling "Strategic & Tactical Forex Trading". He has received accolades from his peers including Forex Speaker of the Year, Best Forex Blog, Best Forex Webinar, Best Forex Educator, Best in Show and many other. His analysis has been seen on Bloomberg Television, Fox Business, the Wall Street Journal and many trading publication.  He received his Series 3 License and registered with the NFA in 2008 as a Commodities Trading Advisor. He is a member of an elite graduate program at Harvard University, set to obtain his masters degree in 2020.
Strategic & Tactical Trading
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