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3 of the Best Day Trading Strategies

3 of the Best Day Trading Strategies

Friday, July 28, 2017

Expert: John Roman
Hosted by: CMSTrader
  • Forex
  • CFD
  • Technical Analysis
  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Beginners
A Day Trader is an aggressive jungle animal searching for volatility while maintaining risk management.  In this webinar, we will look at the “Momentum Reversal Attack”, the “Moving Average Crossover Trade” and “The 2 period RSI Strategy” all developed for day traders. These are short term trading secrets to realize high profits and low risk within a volatile trading market. To be an effective trader you need a trade setup. In a sea of ever changing conditions, you need to filter out all the non-relevant information on your chart. A setup is a precise set of conditions which must materialize to indicate a trade could happen.

At any given moment during the trading day there's only one thing you're thinking about, and that one thing is dependent on which step you are on. All other information is irrelevant. First, only focus on finding your trade setup(s). Once you've found a trade setup, only focus on finding where the trade trigger is. This is accomplished by having an excellent day trading strategy. 

John Roman
John is an active trader and educator at Investors Trading Academy with an MBA in Finance from New York University.  He began trading in 1995 focusing mainly on commodities and options, then transformed into forex investment. His current specialization covers all aspects of forex trading utilizing fundamental and technical analysis, namely chart pattern analysis. Mr. Roman has conducted training seminars on all over the world from novice to innovative strategies.  He provides a solid, collaborative and extremely encouraging training atmosphere to assist Forex traders in locating and trading momentum moves, using confirmed patterns and methods.
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