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Attention U.S. Investors: Think Globally By ValueWalk - Apr 13, 2017

Praise be the 17th-century Italian wisecrack who noted that you shouldn’t “keep all your eggs in one basket.” It’s still true today and just as applicable to life as to ...

Snap Drops On Facebook Copycat Feature By ValueWalk - Apr 12, 2017

Snap (NYSE:SNAP) shares dropped sharply Tuesday after Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) photo-sharing app Instagram rolled out new features. The social-media giant does not play by the rules when it comes to ...

Reinventing The Death Spiral: DRYS By ValueWalk - Apr 10, 2017

About two decades ago, some unscrupulous hedge funds began tricking unsophisticated small cap companies into agreeing to “ death spiral ” converts (convertible debt). These were called ...

Is The Yen A New Safe Haven Currency? By ValueWalk - Apr 09, 2017

As U.S. warships rained Tomahawk missiles onto a Syrian airbase Thursday night, currency traders began positioning themselves for safety. It was not, however, the dollar that benefited. It was the ...

Gold-Beat S&P 500 8 Times Since 2001 By ValueWalk - Apr 06, 2017

The current bull market celebrated its eighth birthday on March 9. At 96-months long, it’s now the second longest in history. However, with the S&P 500 set to have its worst monthly ...