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Analysts & Investors Money Mining Briefing

Organizer:  Whittle Consulting
Start: Dec 04, 2012 10:30AM
End: Dec 04, 2012 12:00PM
Business Design Centre - 52 Upper Street,
Islington, London,
United Kingdom
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Price: Free. See site for details.
Presenter, Gerald Whittle, is managing director of Whittle Consulting (Australia based but operating worldwide), who specialise in helping mining and mineral processing companies make a step change in their economic performance by accelerating cash production over the life of operation, through their approach called “Money Mining”.

As applied at AngloGold Ashanti, Gold Fields, Kinross, Anglo Platinum, Xstrata, African Rainbow Minerals, Vale/Inco, Minara & Paladin.
This thought provoking, non-technical, presentation will outline the philosophy and methods that are enabling mining companies to add 5% to 35% or considerably more to their Net Present Value by developing business plans that focus on accelerating cash production over the life of operation. The ideas are challenging, sometimes controversial, but ultimately logical and weave together an overall solution to a wide range of business issues and dilemmas that you have no doubt come across in the past. The possible improvements identified often require little capital or engineering changes, usually working within the existing technical constraints of business. Like most basic truths, the answer is obvious once you point it out, but it takes fresh eyes or a new mindset to see it that way.

Some implications of this are the observation that:

Most mining companies are not maximising economic values, being distracted by confusing silo-based objectives that prevent them from seeing the solution that is best for the whole enterprise

Many of the techniques used by investors and analysts contribute to this confusion and fail to distinguish between the mining companies that are good or bad at converting mineral resources into economic value

This 90 minute session will give refreshing new insights in to mining company investing, and is effectively a crash course in mineral economics from an experienced specialist in maximising value of mining companies. Most people in the mining industry will have heard of “Whittle”, the mine optimisation software that has developed progressively since the mid nineteen eighties – now managed and distributed by Gemcom. Fewer people are aware that founder Jeff Whittle and his son Gerald Whittle have over the last decade continued to develop optimisation techniques and tools through their Australian based business Whittle Consulting. Their approach called “Money Mining” is described by many as a new paradigm in mining and mineral processing business planning and management. It combines a range of business modelling and optimisation techniques in a specific manner to suit mining companies.

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