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Palisade Research Palisade Research

Palisade Research is the research arm of Palisade Global Investments – a successful investment firm that’s a mix between venture capital and a family office.

The Palisade Team is a group of contrarians and experienced investors writing about. . .

  • Macro-Situations
  • Gold and Silver 
  • Mining and Exploration Stocks 
  • Currency War Strategies
  • Fat-Tails and Black Swan Plays
  • Commodity Trends
  • Sector and Industry Cycles  
  • Mental Models
  • And Above all Else – Asymmetric Opportunities

We have a successful track record of discovering asymmetric opportunities – low risk & high reward.  

Always finding strategies with ‘positive optionality’ – that means we aim for unlimited upside with low, fixed risk

But most importantly, we turn theory into actual practical advice for our readers.

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