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2018 International Financial Expo IFINEXPO Kuala Lumpur Investment Summit

After the Figure Finance 2018 International Financial Expo Overseas Summit has been well received by Sydney Station and Bangkok Station, it will come to the beautiful and welcoming tropical country again in October this year.

This time we chose Malaysia, one of the "Four Tigers in Asia", not only because Malaysia has good relations with China since ancient times, but also we hope to comply with the development of the times, promote economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries, and strengthen exchanges of peoples between the two countries.

We have united with many strategic partners in Malaysia and many authoritative exhibitors to jointly build a financial ecology and create future of industry to promote the financial industry exchanges, cooperation and development as well as mutual benefit between China and Malaysia.

As the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is not one of but the most international city of Malaysia, which is also economic and cultural center of Malaysia. The Kuala Lumpur station summit this time is scheduled on October 27, 2018, located at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, hoping to bring a different experience to you who are coming or already in the financial industry!

Up to now, there are about 10 exhibitors to attend this expo.

This summit will continue the theme of “Connection – Making Business Finance More Efficient” in the past few fairs, establishing a professional and high-end brand image for enterprises, focusing on sharing and resources docking of professional knowledge in the financial field to realize Zero-distance contact of financial rookie and industry mogul and to collide the spark of wisdom. In addition to foreign exchange brokers, financial technology companies, technology solutions companies and other financial companies, exhibitors attending the summit will also cover PE, VC, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and other industries, not only covering resources of all aspects in the financial industry, but also moving forward outside the industry. At the same time, there will also be a lot of financial industry's moguls to arrive at the scene, with the participation and support of many companies and industry insiders, this summit will become an opportunity to share, exchange and dock which cannot be missed.

Morning: Macroeconomic Topics of Foreign Exchange Market

  • Development situation of Malaysian market and what is the most demanding service for the stage?
  • What can be learned from the development and supervision of foreign exchange industry between China and Malaysia?
  • How to better serve investors in the current marketing methods and channels of Malaysian brokers?
  • How the Malaysian foreign exchange market combines local advantages in customer service?
  • Investors are most concerned about the security of funds, what protection measures are in place for regulation now?

Forum topic: The present and future of Malaysia market

Afternoon: Topics on Trading

  • Current trends in institutional and individual groups in world transactions? What's the point?
  • There are always loopholes in trading, have you ever thought about if your trading system is three-dimensional?
  • What qualities do good traders need?
  • How to treat the order trading system objectively?
  • How can intelligent trading help us?
  • In the era of artificial intelligence, how do we position ourselves well on the trade path?

Forum topic: Should institutional investors be one of our choice?

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