USD/JPY - US Dollar Japanese Yen

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  • Bid/Ask:
  • Day's Range:
    135.96 - 136.80
  • Type:Currency
  • Group:Major
  • Base:US Dollar
  • Second:Japanese Yen

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  • What\'s the bottom? This is srly wiping my account :D
    • Look at the graph and you'd might guess it'd be around 111.8 but it seems like it can go 10-20 more pips lower for today. Today as in according to the clock in this forum. Once it's a new day, it can go much lower or higher.
    • Should go up from here...i am also hoping..
    • Stay safe. Friendly reminder, always set a stop loss, a tp and have enough equity, so you won't get hit by a margin call. Also, though it's alright to ask opinions, I suggest you take each person's speculations with a grain of salt. There a people especially me, who talk ****most of the time. Do an analysis with your own effort because it allows you to be more certain of your actions. Compare the every data there is. Information is at your fingertips.

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