USD/BRL - US Dollar Brazil Real

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    5.2387 - 5.2387
  • Type:Currency
  • Group:Exotic
  • Base:US Dollar
  • Second:Brazil Real

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  • Retesting 5,70. Pesky wall. There's some fear hovering around, which might help us break it this time.
    •  I would say the most important aspect of this forum is that people are allowed to red finger us, and to call us nosy, spammers or wherever. Anybody is. As we are allowed to call people intellectually deprived or downright dishonest for not seeing the obvious. We're not "cheering", we are telling our minds from the perspective that we consider precise. We post a lot because it's a public forum. I don't use social media, I absolutely despise it. So there, go ahead: give us ******* We are all adults, and "mean words" from strangers online shouldn't hurt anybody with the least bit of skin. Bet on Brazil and get burned. I'll say it like a mantra. Get burned, and know it was deserved. No disrespect. Just logic.
    • Hahaha as always, well said !! I also never use social media.. hate it too!! Its fun to see people writing b… s…not having a clue as to how Brazil operates … they will get so burnt it will feel like ***!!
    •  i think you are not understanding, i´m not speaking about people that are betting on Brazil (i wrote it), i am speaking for the people that for some reason are loosing a lot of money (someone that has the salary in BRL and needs to send money to a familiar in europe for example) these people has no chance...and speaking about RECOVERY and laughing just because the Real pass from 5.70 a 5.65 is disrespectful. I repeat...this is not my case, my salary is in Euro and i live in Europe,, if you want to understand...good, if not, no problem, i can immagine that not everyone has the same sensitivity and intelligence. Don´t worry...keep laugh, toda joya

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