EUR/USD - Euro US Dollar

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  • Day's Range:
    1.0509 - 1.0588
  • Type:Currency
  • Group:Major
  • Base:Euro
  • Second:US Dollar

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  • by tuesday euro will be in a trend reversal after touching a double buttom around parity... i open a small long on 1. 0071 / and will add longs on the magic number for 1.0250 target.
    • i hope for you
    • there is nothing to hope for , this is too easy... storm of buys are waiting at 1/1 ... nd from where it s looking iran deal will happen and will impacts markets and euro positively. so tuesday we can see a clear reversal after a double buttom. also my bets and take from lagarde last speech ECB will chock the world in september with 100 point instead of 50.

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