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  • 🕺😎 abbas fx trade
    • Well i share my trade whats is ur trade?
    • 24 may that s a ***** far for fx, probably russia ukraine would have cease fire... so for 300 pips that s far ... 1.0980 is not interesting for me, i closed all my shorts firday with huge profits... i ll wait 1.1040 to short / or 1.0910 to place a small buy ... ukraine situation hasnt improve over the weekend.. but some comments coming from britain i saw optimistic over the weekend, that uk would snap back sanctions if russia agree to cease fire and troops withdraw... also there was a negative that one of the regions in eastern ukraine would hold a vote to join russia like what happened to crimea which will draw more ire from the west and can detoriorate the situation even worse.... again the top is the gap around 1.1260 but that wont happen before some really good news from ukraine... the low would be in 1.0810 and if ukraien get really bad we can go bit lower... everything is news related right now... happy hunting..
    • your sl may hit, EUR may retest dips

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