EUR/USD - Euro US Dollar

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    0.9835 - 0.9995
  • Type:Currency
  • Group:Major
  • Base:Euro
  • Second:US Dollar

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  • not yet see sellers wer they sold there those are the big guys ( wicks )
    • well i shorted 2 mill at 1.492 yest all the way to 1.410 buy i wont wait this to go up again... if fed is super hawkish monday how can u expect euro to go up... cpi 7,5 ... i doubt this is going anywhere and if it does we will be very luck to add more shorts.
    • Yes, buyers were to excited an not paying attention to that top...My sell was placed at 1.1485ish...cheers (however, the...UNTRACKABLE spike broke my first SL...)
    • I want to see traction history on this...and to know what your PL was...2 MILLION you say? Prove it. Post it. I think you're lying. You would of made approximately, $800k...

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