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bulls starts
wait for Judge Torres decision on 9th September 2023.
Sell everything and get rid off this ponzi coin 0.49 is still a record high price that you will never see again.
how about my clothes? sell also
It looks GTH
so nobody cares about xrp. pyramid scheme
I guess you missed the other 20,000 cryptos that nose dived, too. It's the nature of the beast. I'll let you know when I get the buy signal so you won't miss the boat again
See you all 0.28-0.32. (my prediction that we go 0.54 is right we even go lower that predicted price) If we break 0.54 we will pump back to 0.60+ if faill we will go 0.32-0.28 next lower price we could go.
if we break 0.32-0.28 then see you all 0.12-0.08. Btw, DCA down is better at current price since all about probability.
x and just lovers
It seems moon turned into a lunar eclipse. LOL