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seriously, I am curious. I know that people speculated that for some reason, that this token would be worth something. But now knowing that it's just a pyramid scheme that has run its course and that either you held it too long or got in at the wrong time. What is your thinking in still holding it?
I don't find joy in knowing ppl lost so much money but I absolutely love to see this melt away like an ice cube in Texas... that's all...
when zero?
get ready to eat a bag....
hi evrwone
will be in the 500 by End of Week. Low 500 By end of month
if it wasn't for money laundering by drug Cartels, Democrats laundering tax money kickbacks, and other illegal activities, Scam Inu would of been gone a long time ago. No matter how you look at it, money laundering is the only logical use for these scam coins.
only poIIame qui, al posto di perdere soldi qui, dateli alla chiesa
I hope you people are also knowledgeable of the other markets, like the bond market, global money markets... if not, you're truly gambling... these are tense times down to the core..not like 2 or 3 years ago...
but the next*
the hype of the original boom won't be replicated... too many ppl got crushed and it was all still new and exciting... different era
and no it actually started closer to 2018
Its happening
The final crash? Maybe or just another cycle of Pump and Dump? Probably
1$ coming soon just hold on tightShib army 🔥
You might be right, I think a time may come when you could buy all 600,000,000,000,000 trillion scam inus, for just one dollar, it would still be overvalued in my opinion it has no use whatsoever. At least the Weimar deutsch markes could be used as wallpaper. Tulips can be eaten. But shib has absolutely no value whatsoever.