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ready to left up to 0.060
rocket ship🚀🚀🚀
Please signal...
Green light!
10% gain in 20 minutes, imprerssive, go, go!
 Don't forget tihe price was only 0.004 in july!
I am just sad I didn’t buy anything in that huge dip :( Price looks good now! Still way higher than when I got on the train.
 I feel the same, + I missed 2 projects, Crypto.com coin + Sandbox.... they were on my radar at low prices.
It will recover and hit 0.015 before the end of the week.
Huge dip
Let's surpass this resistance at 0.015!
You should do this more often 😂📈
 I'll do my best. First of all we have to recover from this downtrend.
buying time?
for 1 month