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Nothing really makes an individual smile than getting to see what they really expected. I feel happy being part of Magdalena J Gabriel terms she made me understand more about trading...
Fb: Magdalena J Gabriel
we all just nee to know that we can never tell if you had lost until you are so sure its to a scam, this was the way my funds was gotten from me by a fake investment platform, i was just only lucky to get my funds back if not for the help of Chronic Tech Volt i checked on google to help me. please let us all be very careful...
May I ask the name of the fake investment platform How can one find out if it is legit?
IMPORTANT question Guys, I hope the expert answer me, appreciate in advance: Why does sometimes 2 candles or more closed on same price level, for example  candle1: 19,251 candle2: 19,251 This happens many times, what a crazy coincidence is that !!!! Mwah
no trades happened in that time frame
EOS 29$
this old coin finding his way to what it worths
what is happening?....they made mistake instead of buying eth ? ;-) ;-)
I think it's because people are anticipating miners moving to this once eth 2.0 rolls out.
 I also thought this possibility, but it seems too nice to be true :-)  I do hope you 're right :-)
ADA 100$
Greetings, I had lost a lot in these markets, I finally found a new coin called 'hє lp_s єє d_t σkєn', although it has just come out, it has earned me well, it seems that the price will rise these days, do not say that he did not say.
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