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Exit now? I lost 9% in one week (2x leveraged).
Keep it
Wheat back soaring up but corn still suffering total lack of demand….
We are going up, fellow chickens and pigs. (who else eats corn?)
short till 466 it looks like opportunity.
Good news for you: i'm on the board again, gone long today.
wich country are you from?
coming from mars planet but moving from france switzerland italy slovenia croatia lol
so mediterrenean sea is the only important thing to you. Sans la Suisse.
Sold that spike still lookin golden rule lol
490 $ new level to watch for bulls dreams of glory….
rollover gap on finviz chart immediately sold lol (488/490 too strong to break)
Maks. Its chris. You seem to be right about these dogs. Is there any hope for a bagholder like me?
i m sure there’s tons of silent and ashamed bagholders trapped since hundreds point higher both here and wheat….i wrote many times that if it wont bounce now (last call) better wait gap 388 on wheat and 360/300 on corn to average the bags
now that dxy is falling the exports will start picking up.
Hey Maks. I think its time to buy grains. Lets see how it goes.
time ago i tried to go long with corn since COT data and worldwide reviews telling is a buy but honestly charts still looking so scary if we are headed (forced by FED more appropriately telling) back to deflationary this thing could really flush to 380 / 260 range….i was aiming to imaginary (since substantially filled) gap 530 or even little higher but i made a big mistake…..
on second and third thought, youre probably right!
260 corn 380 wheat should be the floor never been so easy to sell commodities lol
amazing how corn can be down 30% yoy but they still blame inflation on commodities every time we get a little bump.
I don't think either of those comments make any sense. I think exports will fly when the dollar crumbles
I don't expect to see dxy under 103 this year. I can be wrong of course.
DXY broke 103, but Corn is at 34 month low.
Big crash just starting lol
because time ago i predicted commodities slump back to late 2019 prices and almost nobody believed that
so you knew the drought wasn't real and there would be a record crop grown? honest question...have you ever set foot in a corn field?
farmers worldwide again made a big mistake they overdid the sowing, blinded by past peaks, usual problem of bad memory i guess lol
corn farmers futures
Corn farmers knows average prices every spike is a bubble brutally sold
380 or 260 next station not so easy to forecast next floor level lol
here its over, maybe the rest of the month going down.
will hit first gap below no need for high priced corn for awhile lol
We have 1 day to stay above 510, unless the monthly candle stays bearish, and we go to 380-390.
more likely 380/390 since that 525 gap (substantially filled on wider time range charts) was a trap…
might as well put the grain in the bin and hold for higher. Eventually they will get hungry and come for it.
Will we close red monthly chart? Lol
this thing is badly crashing….world is full of corn but no-one eating corn flakes due to gmo lol
also weekly turning back ultra bearish i guess anytime sell-off starting unless a prompt immediate bounce lol
What a slump lol
sub 400 is on the way never been so easy i guess
477 then 540 then slump
it would be great since i m still stuck long with 3/4 etfs (big mistake waiting imaginary gap 525😞)
I sold mine with small losses, after 11 weeks of holding. Leveraged etf"s loses money with time.
cant see great chances of glory for commodities bulls, prices need to keep lowering to avoid global recessions and financial default due to highest debt to finance that crap pandemic, wars and EV transition
US as importer will find hard time to keep commodity prices down. Labour and energy inflation can drives everything higher.
hedge funds can pull the trigger to the extreme better to be careful
Theres a big upper wicked day on Aug 2nd. If price closes above the open of Aug 2nd, we're going up.
a couple of -4% day and the picture is damaged…need to skyrocket soon if it won’t expect big slump towards 400 area
On the monthly stochastic indicator we are in oversold territory. In the past ten years its only hit oversold territory 5 times, and every time led to a bounce or began a bullish move. Hopefully this signal will continue to work....
No buyers at 20 yr auction like 30 yr at 12Noon on Oct 12 could result in sell off at end of 20 yr auction at 12noon on October 18th.
This is not the only thing wich moves corn prices. I expect an uprise to 540-550 in a month.
510-520 and i would be fine but ship still sinking very badly it could flush first to 460 or even lower
I could be wrong, but the august 11,14 15th daily volume vs price movements looked exhaustive. the subsequent behaviors was more accumulative in nature until sept 29th and 2nd oct. Those two days in conjunction with day18th and 19th of September are telling a redemption story for corn. Fingers crossed. 🤞
Big ones still selling off lol
bullish Wasde could help exit at imaginary gap 525 lol
net shorts have lessened in the past weeks hasnt it?
yes but when less they can increase so i guess that gap 525 is a trap…tempted to reduce half long and wait for a flush to buy it back
grain shorts are at 3yr high. a nice short squeeze would be fun!
Exactly! Besides, we had a multi-week bottoming pattern in progress which now seems to be resolving.. went long @475, expecting a surge to at least 560 🚀
Is someone stop crying?
better wait to celebrate cant face hedge funds sell off gap 520 better close any long lol
i think the squeeze can fill this gap, of course squeezes getting shorted again
cant see any chances of glory for commodities bulls with US$ back surgin up
Someone once said, complaining doesn't help. Well, since i'm crying like a baby the price goes up.
You like to buy high and sell higher? Are you a momemtum trader? We longs here are swing traders and holding for weeks / months.
if ever will reach gap 525 corn would close long on corn and wait for much lower prices….back to deflationary times next year
I don't have any corn, but I have friends that do. I trade oil stocks but if corn rallies it usually drives oil up with it. I watch the corn inventory to see where it's going. I am trading kos, ampy, and sbow right now. my friend is holding dec contract corn at 5.25 I think. probably trying to break even at this point.