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IBGE : Brazil production 56,3 Mi bags in 2023, +7,6% y/y .
OK, but where are the bags? Only 4k more in queue on ICE.
When you talk about new coffee, do you mean coffee harvest 2023?
Vietnam's coffee exports in November fell 38%
It's all about ICE stocks now. Nothing more.
 (Reuters) - Coffee graders working for the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) rejected 41% of the arabica coffee lots sent to the exchange's warehouses to be certified for delivery against futures contracts in a new grading round, ICE said on Tuesday. Graders evaluated 11,051 bags of a total volume of 27,834 bags that was pending grading, passing 6,475 bags while rejecting 4,576 bags.
Strange, report for Wednesday, 11.1k bags accepted, 2.7k rejected. Proportions a little different.
No comments? :)
The story of low ICE stocks continues to play out. MGom claims the coffee ships are already flowing, but the market seems to have a different opinion.
ICE unchanged, pending bags +8.433 bags
New coffee, ICE does not accept old coffee
It does not accept old coffee withdrawn from ICE warehouses, but one that has been lying around for a while and only now has made its way to ICE, such accepts.
either we run up from here or from somewhere around 173, both possible, lets see
spec found just reached its goal, just broke one big trader, now it should come to 150 and break another big trader
cafe arabica I know much better than you what will happen... there is no speculation or funds in the present or in the future.
coming to 168 mm 200 days
But to 170-173 first :)
Inmet promised good rains for Triangulo and SdM.
 who cares when pellets are dropping.
buying here tp 181
nvm i have reasoable volume just bought more :P
haha best of luck!
160 soon
for dislikes maybe even more down
$.95 ?
it’s sound like a threat?
This is good: :). At the same time, there was a large drawdown of stocks with combined stocks reported by the European Coffee Federation and those held at the Intercontinental Exchange’s warehouses in the USA fell by 4.8 million bags from 14.5 million to 9.8 million. This drawdown would have reduced the need for purchases on the international market, seemingly reflected as lower and anomalous global consumption rates for coffee year 2022/23.
I got it from Dec 23 ICO report, previously cite by Cocoa Cocoa.
cited *** :)
Meanwhile, more farmers complain about trees dropping pellets ...
From ICO report: "Looking ahead, the output for coffee year 2023/24 is expected to increase by 5.8% to 178.0 million bags, with the Arabicas’ output rising to 102.2 million bags and the Robustas’ increasing to 75.8 million bags." ICO revised consumption downwards: for 2022/23 to 173.1, for 23/24 - to 177mb. Also, 177mb figure is based on the expectation that global economy will continue rising 3%. If not - people will drink even less coffee :). Consumption for 2022 was revised by down by 5.4mb. :)
Honduras. Brazil. Vietnam. All of them have very good export numbers for November. A lot of coffee is coming to the warehouses.
Why would they ???
They talk about container congestion, the droughts in the north have caused all the grains to go to the port of Santos.
Diffs are down. Physical coffee is not so expensive like KC
ok guys I saw the weekly and bought 20 contracts to be on the same side with u guys . see u at the moon
L 20mini@180.28 , ok man follow u guys to the moon....
overbought last week short this thing !
And in the evening 100k new bags in line for ICE. An excellent trap!
 Coffee is always dangerous. Which way is the danger?
you right , but you can't control the movement for the weekend , if you make a wrong decision it can cost you alot.... bud ever you can do what ever you want that's the magic .
Casino is more predictable 🤑
traditional red Friday
how much you pay for open your trade ? i dont think buy can be right , you need to wait for the market they are so high
i try small buy there 182.32 target 189
yesterday move was out of control, ending of month funds make huge money , now they drop de market
For sure! -10 today
what a move its safe to buy now ?
Probably yes. With so low ICE stocks backwardation might be huge. Historically spread reached once 30%.
İ recommended buying American Coffee on October 2nd at a price below $150 .The journey is not over yet
Target is still +200