Natural Gas Futures - Jul 22 (NGN2)

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  • Day's Range:
    8.784 - 8.899
  • Type:Commodity
  • Group:Energy
  • Unit:1 Mmbtu

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  • it's funny. I noted a while back that NG had never left July under $2 dollars. this year it did but then the first trading day of August it shot up to 215. prolonged periods of low prices are not sustainable because producers go broke and have to cut capex. leads to fewer wells and lower production. It's just a matter of when the Market anticipates it. question becomes, with demand still weak, will the rising prices trigger more production and loosen the market too soon.
    • So your pointview is the price will go down (still waiting) at the right time?
    • at his price it's a *****shoot... technicians take over and fill gaps, yada yada.  It usually over extends and comes back.  just waiting and watching for now.