Gold Futures - Dec 22 (GCZ2)

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  • Day's Range:
    1,798.70 - 1,812.85
  • Type:Commodity
  • Group:Metals
  • Unit:1 Troy Ounce

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  • Gold is going to crash hard, the interest rate and 10 year yield are way too high Gold's going to be under 17 to 1600 an ounce be very careful the FED isn't playing games with the inflation you think people will buy gold. FED will fix inflation hard and you'll lose your money.
    • Anthony not telling is spokesman for the Fed. They will fight 15% inflation with 0.5 % interest rise just LOL
    • one question: what happens to stock market, real estate, commercial loans, investment, stock buybacks, etc... when rates go up? second question: how does gold perform when rates go up? very good. third question: how does gold perform when the fed cuts rates due to collapsing asset values? good again. learn economics bud.
    • Real infl is 15-20% at least . Maybe more going forward to 2023.fed rate will not even touch 2% before they blink and start a easing win for physical goldIMO