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NDAQ at 52 week lows now.
Take profit 1945.2
BIS considers gold a tier 1 asset. When all else fails. Tier 1 is hard to beat
for past 60hours no movement
Stocks are sliding...
Yields 10Y are now overbought on hourly tf.
Yes and gold is behaving well considering 10Y up again today
Sl 1937 Tp 1952 Buy the Gold now guys
Gold going up
Lol crack
Sell now
Full moon friday, government shuts down Saturday. Fun week
Gold can sniff what is coming... all time highs buy end of 2023... sniff sniff
33 trillion of debt bond market is exploding with no buyers gold has never looked better.
Bubble buy is active again
1945 above gold looking positive
I hope short / bear trend will continue
Bullish is ready to Gone 1960
gold tgt 59100
10 year yeild... danger zone now for equities.... That 10 year has lost 5% in capital terms from 43% to 4.5%....
not 43%... I meant 4.0%
Bond yeilds pricing in next months blow out GDP... LOOL! Funny thing is Nov rate hike odds pulling back, but no doubt after that gets released then odds will rise again....
equity crashing but gold holding fort it had to be sub 1900 let's wait for 2 more hours
Dark things
High break