Dutch TTF Natural Gas Futures - Jan 24 (TFAc2)

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Ma dai ? Che strano ... 🤣
Does someone now if the price are in EUR/MWh?
It looks like Norway is the new Saudi Arabia. It is very opportunistic to shut down Skarv Field...
This will go to 0, it is far too warm in europe and people turner down their heater afraid of the high gas prices
yeah, in summer when it was above 200 people , it was extremely cold. FYI, gas uses not only like a heater
Fyi if there is over capity the price will decline
no pirce cap is needed. just keep hiking interes rates and see which traderds are willing to speculate
wow from 340 at the end of August to 127 now what a nice fall. Guess now with winter is coming for Gazprom lol
Does the TTF NG in EUR, and which unit of measure?
If Europe gas reserves are almost 90% full why the gas price continue so high?
Because europe needs both reserves and flows in winter
What's the difference between TFAc1, TFAc2 and TFAc3? And why do they have no weekly or daily data?
expiration date? TTF NG is very very thinly traded.
Thank you
This is the new Tulip?
TTF NG hyperinflation just started
Can someone suggest me the best trading platform/app for Dutch TTF commodity ?
Ibkr, TD, Schwab, Citi, all the big name banks have futures but typically need $100,000 or more to open an account. FYI, just so you know the Dutch TTF (title transfer facility" futures is about €29,000 or $33,000 just for the margin to open the contract up it's contract size BIG it is 1MWx23-25hr#of days in month 672-745Mwh. That are deliverable contracts that end utilities buy and for hedging plus big firm speculation. Not really big in retail to be honest due to the large margin needed to open a contract.
I also want a retail version of this!
 any etf to track Dutch TTF?
Yamal-Europe Pipeline
Nordstrom 2