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🇷🇺 Russia has imposed an indefinite ban on the export of diesel and gasoline to all countries except Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan oil touch 100$ this week
JP Morgan energy : Brent to hover around Brent 80 to 110 $ next yr.
Typo 90 to 110 $
Typo, $65-$85
I guarantee that next week the price will be either in the 85s are in the 95s guaranteed. I will pay anybody $100 if this does not happen guaranteed LOLOLOLOLOLO I just wanted to see what it felt like to be similar to the job brownies in this room, who feel they can predict the market
OK I’m going for it. I have 50,000 barrels short and I can go to 500,000 barrels short. No problem I have billions of dollars to be able to trade just like all the job brownies in this room.
lol it's fun isn't it.
I am the man
Hard to imagine no significant pullback in upcoming week until at least Friday save fer maybe a brief dip to 89, but there it is.
 Yessir, uhuh, yep... I got enough girl in me to stop out when a trade goes against me. Real men hold their losses indefinitely I suppose. Could be a big winner one day!
yep yep just let us know when you are no longer demo trading
At least on one of yer accounts you nut up a bit on yer losses--whilst pitiful, I will give you some kudos for that, but stop trolling everyone on that says something you don't approve of whilst you wield your ridiculous plethora of accounts.
Means ?
Mr gain said The economy is in a black hole, meaning signs of a stifling global economic crisis
I am aware of Mr. Gann and have read his book a lot 25 years ago as I prepared to learn to trade what Mr. Gann said about the market being a black hole was said many many years ago and he may not say that today. That’s a fact I thought Gann had an interesting approach and I used his approach for about three years and then moved on. This was 2002 to 2005.
and keep in mind, Mr. Ganz approach to astrology was static, and as you know, or realize our solar system, our galaxy, our planets in the solar system are all spinning and moving through space, so the glimpse that Mr. Dan had almost 100 years ago it’s not the same as today. And then part is the reason that I decided to move on from his interpretation of trading I like his thoughts on ratios and mystical numbers.
Get ready for 94 on monday
x09893,,5308''13 for l e v e l s 🆓 what's --app
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crude 85 next week
you really don't know anything
Yesterday also crude oil booked 98 points
Good evening saudi only need 70
if what this article says is true, then even the saudi doesn't want too high a price, since it will lower the demand faster and make the process of transition energy more smoother since people support it more and more.
Compulsory licensing is when a government allows someone else to produce a patented product or process without the consent of the patent owner or plans to use the patent-protected invention itself. It is one of the flexibilities in the field of patent protection included in the WTO’s agreement on intellectual property
Yes, it’s always been the case. What has changed is a provision that used to say that compulsory licences must be granted mainly to supply the domestic market
habib once you are available let us know about ur view plz for next days......
habby ...give us the 93 ya promised me...
Can someone make a rough prediction of what the crudeoil price will be by October 15 2023?I'm guessing it will aroung 80-85
85 probably but not 80. Top has been hit for this trend. Production ramping up outside opec.
x09893,,5308''13 for l e v e l s 🆓 what's --app
Does that mean oil prices will go down ?
it should be, but i don't know when. i hope it next week. from what i see, big boy doesn't want price above 91. it keeps rejected. but who knows?
germany and chaina making market new fuss
098-zx-93 -xx- 53 -xx- 08-zz-13 for l e v e l s
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Stats on oil Monday +2240$ Tuesday -300$ loss Friday +3600$ Left with 4 longs running: 2 runs in loss-650$ 2 runs in profit+1380$ I also had a chance to close those 4 longs twice with at least in 3.3k$, per trade))) But refused, A) hard to reenter(as if i have a stunning entry).. B) was waiting for a miracle to happen(was just greedy) The way market physically abused shorts yesterday in coupe with my soul full of greed, thus unable to close in good profit was a good lesson to learn) If shorts are out of the money, then who is the next in que?))) That is the question, i thought to myself))) hahaha)) Today tornado passed me by, thankfully!)) 94-95 is alive and welcomes you))) See ya on opening)
Perhaps next time, just post your real time tray to the room instead of at the end of the week. It’s just a tad more helpful information instead of a appearing like you’re just bragging., know what I mean?
And also, why did you change your nickname pretty sketchy
Glad to see oil still above 89 a break off 91 and then 93 otw
headlines by jpm quite scary for bears
))))) roadmap to 94-95))) there won’t be any price tag starting with 8 next week)) comparing to yesterday it made a higher high and no lower lows. Also, yesterdays resistance on 4H became todays support. Resistance yesterday was at 89,90, today it moved to 90.58. Should have closed a bit above, but it is what it is..) thought it would at 90.50s, missed a bit)) True V shape on 4H. A roadmap to 94-95)))))
Exit Ur long the top has been riched