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Chris Kimble
This Could Be Bullish For The Gold Miners By Chris Kimble - Apr 28, 2017

Could historical outflows present an opportunity in the gold-mining sector? According to Sentimentrader.com, outflows from Gold Mining ETFs GDX and GDXJ topped $800 million on Wednesday, the largest ...

Finbox io
5 Material Stocks Ready To Jump On Earnings By Finbox io - Apr 28, 2017

Q1'17 Earnings Season: Best Since 2011 The Q1'17 earnings season continues to be a story of growth so far. According to Zack’s Investment Research, 181 members of the S&P 500 have reported ...

Tim Knight
High Tech Looks Fully Valued By Tim Knight - Apr 28, 2017 1

I’ll just kick off today with a single, simple chart – – the NASDAQ e-Mini futures, shown below. They have already benefitted from the full force of blow-out earnings from the likes ...

Gregor Horvat
Elliott Wave Analysis: German DAX Intraday By Gregor Horvat - Apr 28, 2017

US advance after GDP came out 0.7%, below 1.3% expectations but this did not confuse market moves much. There is still EUR/USD in uptrend and stocks as well. Dax is looking very corrective here from ...

Ticker.tv News
Starbucks Down On Earnings By Ticker.tv News - Apr 28, 2017

Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: NASDAQ:SBUX) Even though Starbucks earnings were in line with what was expected by analysts when they reported after the close of trading on Thursday April 23, 2017, It ...

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