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Opinion & Analysis Just Got Better with New Search Filters

By What's New May 03, 2012 09:24 GMT

To enhance user experience, Investing.com designed search filters unique to each sub-section of the Opinion & Analysis page. Now readers can spend less time browsing through the extensive content and more time accessing information. The simple navigation and functionality of this feature brings immediate results and relevant content to the page with a click of a button.

Search Filters

The different search filters enable the user to pinpoint the type of articles to receive. Articles can be retrieved from any given time period by using the Calendar filter; providing an instant access to the archive of articles stored on the site. Additionally, Readers can view a wide variety of articles from specific contributors by using the Authors Filter, or use the regions filter to find articles based on global location.

Readers looking for different approaches to articles can select from a range of analytical styles such as Technical, Fundamental or Opinion. Those looking to further refine their search results can use the Instrument Type filter to choose specific groups in each category such as stocks or options, metals or energy commodities, corporate or government bonds and more.

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