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New Government Bonds Section

By What's New Jun 14, 2012 09:26 GMT
Investing.com is pleased to announce the launch of our new Government Bonds section.  The World Government Bonds homepage serves as the gateway for all Government Bond-related features and tools available on our site.

Fast and Efficient Filters
We’ve made it easy to find the precise instrument you’re looking for. Our intuitive interface enables users to filter by location and maturity, with relevant results available in a matter of seconds.

World Government Bonds
This section displays Live data, offering a complete global overview and highlighting the significant sovereign instruments for North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia/Pacific region.  Users can click on each bond or region to access more detailed information.

Financial Futures
Find streaming, real-time quotes for major Bond Futures in this section, including the latest prices alongside daily highs, lows and changes for each listing. Users can click on each instrument for more in-depth insight into each listed future.

Government Bond Auctions Calendar
Stay on top of Global Bond Auctions with our unique Weekly Auctions Calendar. This comprehensive tool spotlights 68 major events from 7 countries likely to have the greatest impact on global stock, currency and commodity markets. It’s yet another way Investing.com helps traders get a leg up on the situations and circumstances that effect market activities.

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