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Investing.com Unveils New Commenting System

By What's New Mar 01, 2012 12:06 GMT

We’re excited to announce the launch of our commenting system, now available at the end of each article in our News and Analysis & Opinion sections, as well as on the discussion tabs in our Trader Accounts. This newest interactive option further enriches the user experience on Investing.com.

  • Community: Engage with users to exchange investment ideas, share your perspective, and ask questions. Interact not only with users, but also with our renowned authors and expert traders.
  • Content: User-generated discussions enhance the valuable content on our site. With the addition of comments, the information on a single page expands far beyond the article itself.  
  • Layout: The clutter-free design allows users to easily read comments and discussions.

Article Pages

The information available to users on an article page no longer reflects just an author’s perspective, but now provides room for varying viewpoints. The commenting system on article pages allows for thoughtful discourse between participants, but the conversation isn't just limited to readers. Our authors are encouraged to partake in the discussion by responding to user comments and engaging in the debate. Whether to raise a point or ask a question, the comment feature provides an ideal platform to further develop a trader's understanding of a topic.

Article Commenting System

Trader Account Pages

The new collaborative interface in our Trader Account section enables users to optimize their trading skills. Members can use the commenting system to publicly analyze, compare, and share feedback with our growing community of traders. We understand that knowledge is power. That's why we've implemented a platform that expands the information accessible to our traders by encouraging insightful dialogue on the trader account pages.

Trader Account Commenting System
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