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Investing.com Launches a New Indices Section

By What's New Apr 02, 2012 11:10 GMT

We're excited to announce the launch of our Indices section that features a new homepage and a user-friendly filter. Focusing on accessibility of information and optimal functionality, the additions to the Indices section achieve the finest one-stop source on local and world stock indices.

Whether on our Indices homepage or deep within the section, users can quickly access the contents of the entire section.

  • Indices Homepage : Provides information on the most popular local and world indices and allows quick access to the entire section. The Indices homepage not only exists as a convenient starting point,  but also as a valuable resource itself.
  • Filter:  The extensive contents of the Indices section are now more accessible than ever! Use the filter to find exactly what you're looking for with a simple click of a button. Visible throughout the entire section, the feature enables users to easily find local and world indices based on location and index type.
  • Major Indices: Offers live data on eighteen of the world’s top indices, with new additions to the list such as Bovespa, Nifty and TSX. 
  • World and Sector Indices:  The World and Sector Indices pages offer exhaustive data on indices. Users interested in indices will find this to be an incredibly valuable resource. 
  • Indices Futures:  The Indices section not only provides information on indices, but offers an in-depth look into indices futures.
  • Indices CFDs:  Obtain real-time cash rates (CFDs) on major world indices 24-hours a day.

Here's a closer look at the new additions to our Indices section:

Indices Homepage

Our new Indices homepage serves as a premier gateway to information on stock indices. The Indices homepage enables users to gain a comprehensive overview with only a glance. Users can obtain data for the three most popular indices of the Americas, Europe and Asia & Pacific, as well as information on the five most popular indices futures. Users wishing to delve deeper into the Indices section simply need to use the filter feature or click on any of the hyperlinked text to quickly redirect to pages for the Major Indices, World and Sector Indices, and Indices Futures & CFDs, as well as indices pages for countries and regions.

Indices Homepage

Filter Feature

This feature greatly optimizes the user-experience by allowing optimal filter results in a matter of seconds. Designed with accessibility in mind, the filter is available on every country and region page within the Indices section. The feature's intuitive interface enables a user to easily filter by region, country and index type, such as by major indices and/or sector indices. The filter allows users to take greater advantage of the extensive resources in this section by ensuring they spend less time navigating and more time accessing the information they want.

Filter Feature

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