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Canadian Financial Market – The New Addition to Investing.com

By What's New Mar 22, 2012 10:23 GMT

Investing.com’ users investing into the Canadian Financial market, can now access vital information with the following new additions to the site:

• The Canadian Stock Market page
Canadian Indices in our Indices Section
• Canada’s economic indicators and stock market’s holidays

Canadian Stock Market

Presented in a user-friendly format, investors can obtain vital analytical data on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Some of the highlights include:

- Streaming major indices charts
- 4 Major market-cap indices
- 13 Sector indices
- Top gainers and losers tables

Displaying innovative graphs and charts in a streamlined layout this page is designed for the user to track and monitor the Toronto Stock Exchange with ease. Additionally, all the Canada Indices and Stocks have a detailed Technical Analysis section.

Canada Indices

With the new addition of Canada’s Indices to the Indices section, users can now access 39 of Canada’s stock indices. This page will serve as another resource for users looking to gain further insight into the Canadian Financial Market.

Economic Calendar

Keeping up with current economic affairs is essential when investing into the stock markets. Users can fully utilize the Investing.com’ economic calendar for up-to-date statistics and reports relating to the Canadian economy. As well as keeping record of any stock market’s holidays.

Canada's Financial Markets

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