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Interview with YouTradeFX
Interview with YouTradeFX
Published On: Jan 04, 2012
Interview with YouTradeFX 1. What is your professional background?
My name is Elinor Bouskila, Director of Media Buying at youtradeFX, our complete back-end solution for brokers and financial institutions.
I have years of experience in both the gaming & financial industry. Being a project manager of several marketing projects involving B2B & B2C I ran several marketing campaigns in multiple countries & languages.

2. Who is your target audience?
Whether you’re a novice trader or an experienced professional your gain is our goal. We offer several trading packages & tools that allow any trader to be a potential youtradeFX trader.
Our website, customer support, trading room and account managers are all equipped to deal with over 12 languages so therefore our target audience is very diverse.

3. Is the main focus of your business online or offline?
Most of our activities are conducted online. From time to time, we initiate and fund offline activities such as; trading courses, community reach out program and an offline dealing for all those who traders who only trust hearing a human voice on the other side.

4. Why should traders choose yourself over another broker?
We have multiple advantages over our other brokers. We offer almost every trading platform available to the forex market. Amongst our trading platforms you will find; Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, Web Trader, Mirror Trader & Zulu Trader and others currently being developed.
We offer proprietary algorithmic trading systems that are unmatched by any other trading system.
Our daily & weekly analysis is written by several prominent market analysts whom dedicate their time to correctly analyzing the market.

When a trader chooses to cooperate with us he can expect the following:

Fixed spreads, Maximum Leverage, No Fees, Guaranteed Stop Loss, Mini Trading, Islamic Accounts, Expert Advisors, Indicators, charts & other trading tools.

5. Why should clients choose you and not other Forex trading companies?
See Answer 4.

6. How different is the forex market today from what it was 2 years ago?
The forex market is a constantly changing market to which brokers must constantly adapt to. Brokers are constantly offering more and more comfortable trading conditions and tools to their traders so therefore to keep up with the pace we have taken several steps. A large portion of our budget is dedicated to research and development always seeking new and useful tools, strategies & recently social networks allowing traders to share their experiences with each other.
We feel that a serious broker is never satisfied with the arsenal they can offer their clients and will therefore continue to develop more and more fresh toys for their customer base.

7. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to trade Forex?
We highly recommend that any individual considering forex should watch our professional video tutorials before investing in the forex market. These videos will allow both experienced traders and beginners to sharpen their market skills.
In specified countries we have a specially trained team who offer forex trading courses in small groups so that the traders can further benefit from their transactions.
Our daily & market analysis is unmatched by any other broker and is a critical trading tool for any beginner.
Our automated trading is based on proprietary algorithmic trading systems which were developed by experienced forex traders and therefore can help a beginner take advantage of a professional’s knowledge.
Our demo accounts allow you to trade with play money without risking any of your own allowing you to practice because we all know that practice makes perfect.
Our mini accounts allow traders with even the smallest budgets to start trading with optimal conditions.

8. Who are the main competitors of your firm in the online forex market?
In my honest opinion nobody can truly compete with us ;). Now seriously speaking, maybe we aren’t the largest forex broker in the industry as of right now, but we are one of the fastest growing brokers (if not the fastest). We are able to expand and grow yet we never forget that this entire industry is all about the trader & that each and every one of them is as important as the next one.
With this in mind we always strive to provide the best tools, conditions & customer support for our clients, unmatched by any other broker.

9. What do you think about Forex scam problems in the online forex brokers market?
I really feel that it is a shame that a handful of forex brokers are ruining the reputation of the industry.
Over time these brokers cannot and will not be able to thrive. More and more bodies, websites and individuals are exposing these companies so really there is no room for them in the industry.
Luckily, as time goes by only the trustworthy brokers will be able to succeed.

10. Where do you see yourself in 2 years from now?
Our goal & strategy is to expand our retail client base by providing unique trading tools & strategies allowing us to further widen our target audience.
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