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Interview with Boris Shuel of Real-Forex Brokers

Boris Shuel, Real Forex Brokers account manager and analyst, gives interview

What is your name and position?
My name is Boris Shuel, I am an account manager and analyst in Real-Forex Brokers company.

What is your professional background?
Started my way from the US stock market 2 years ago, moved to fix interest futures market for 5 years and currently trading Forex for the last 2.5 - 3 years.

Who are your targeted audience?
The audience I am aiming at is for people who want to learn, new and experienced traders who want to succeed.

Is your main focus of your business online or offline?
Both, on the one hand we arrange meetings and study groups. While on the other we work with webinars and personal assistance online.

Why should a trader choose YOU over another broker?
Real Forex is a true ECN in which the most important value is to give the best trading platform for traders for the long run. This means the cheapest spreads and the fastest execution.
We believe that together with a reliable systems and fast money transfers, this is exactly what any trader needs.

How different is the Forex market today from what it was 2 years ago?
Volatility, the forex market became much more aggressive.
Today Forex trader should be calmer and with more patience.

Do you also offer Fund management services?
No, Real-Forex do not offer fund management services.
But we offer all the newest tools for fund managers who work with us.

Who are your main competitors in the on-line Forex market?
We give the optimal trading environment for our traders, and our mission is to be the best in our objectives.

What do you think about Forex scam problem in the on-line Forex brokers market?
I think this is something that should be eradicated by people that will move from the companies who do that into fair and trustworthy companies.

Where do you see yourself 2 years from now?
I hope to keep on developing and succeeding in the Forex market.